Memories shut in a box, but haunting our heart and soul as long as we hold onto it.

I remember as a young kid, saving the most tiniest things in my possession. Rummaging and rummaging through stuff in that box, I somehow couldn’t detach myself from them, from the thought of them. That little girl held that box to her chest, with a sorted smile on her face.

But what about the memories that cling onto our heart?

When we experience something very sudden, may be a heartbreak or a fall out with a friend, or family or some weirdness in your conversations with that person that you talk to day and night with, we just happen to lose it. Lose it so easily that we think of them with a forlorn eeriness.

Will the memories not help us restore the same happiness in our life?

The word ‘memory’ comes with its own paradox. It’s difficult to let go of them, but you cannot hold on to them forever? Love, happiness and possessions, everything that we hear, sense and feel has its own memory carved on them.

The smell of an old book, fragrance from trees, mountain peaks, old pathways, love stories that we hear, tales from your grandmother, consist of the list of things that remind me why I should never run away from what I am made of! Memories is what we are made of.

Written by

Manasa Netrakanti

I have experience in photographing beauty, fashion, e-commerce, and product photography for various brands.