Have you ever looked at a photograph, and thought to yourself, what can be the story behind it? what were the emotions involved with it? And most importantly what was that moment, when the photographer felt inspired to capture that moment forever? The answers to these questions can only be answered by that one person, for whom the world must have come to a stand still, to capture that very moment. It doesn’t involve any technicalities, but involves his inspiration to hold on to that moment forever.

Photography didn’t happen to me, we just happened to have found each other. A photographer should remember that very moment, but I don’t exactly remember when I befriended Photography and how well I connected with it. We have held hands, and decided to compliment each other.

The term ‘Picturesque’ is generally used for describing landscapes in a quaint or charming way, but for me this term is describing the moment which brings out the charm,that makes it more picturesque.

Just a few months back, I have had the opportunity to click, few pictures of people who I have come across and made friends with, which I would like to call ‘In between Conversations’. The best part about it was that, I didn’t have to wait for that perfect moment for me to click anyone. It’s just your perspective, on how you see the other person.


I feel the ‘Monochrome’ filter brings out the best in you. There isn’t anything more perspicuous than a black and white picture. You feel them seeing through you, you feel that you know them better. That’s what Monochrome does to you, it can make you feel vulnerable, yet it will make you look at the brighter side of the picture. Monochrome is like two sides to a coin.


I am very new to this world of Photography, and in my journey of discovery I have come to know that Photography is not just a concept, it is a state of revelation about yourself, about how you see this world around yourself. I happen to have found this bliss very late in my life, but when it came to me, I found it more to be my ‘Time Capsule’ which I can go back to anytime. The theory of relativity becomes easier, when you possess this art.

Written by

Manasa Netrakanti

I have experience in photographing beauty, fashion, e-commerce, and product photography for various brands.